Washington State Fair

Made a trip to the fair this year, hooking up with Chu, Lexi and Liam, and it was fantastic!

Evie got to ride on a horse for the first time.  It was in this corral thing, which she hated.  She kept trying to get the horse to ride off instead of in a stupid circle (stopping often, which she really hated).  She was so excited and happy, kept petting the horse saying “neigh” and “go!”.  She wasn’t afraid at all, wasn’t even a hesitation getting in the saddle. Sadly, I think this likely means Daddy will be paying for horse riding lessons later…and man, can those be expensive.

Evie and Liam…being wanted for what they do best.

Went to the petting area, Evie really liked the baby turkey. Kept petting its head and saying “good birdie”. She also spent quite a bit of time with the goat. Sadly, much of this time was spent looking at the wrong end waiting for something to come out. Lucky for us, nothing did (and I didn’t film that part either).

Evie LOVES carousals. Every time she sees them, she loses her mind to ride them. Sadly, I didn’t get a single good picture of her on it (it was dark and she wasn’t cooperating). However, I did get a pretty great one of Alexia and Liam.

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Miss me?

So…did you miss me?

(Sorry for the lack of content…Daddy’s computer has been having many issues which has stopped his ability to post for a while…we will see about getting to the backlog!)

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Happy Birthday (Great) Auntie Jo!

Much love to our Aunt Mary Jo on her Birthday! (well, every day really).  Sing along with Evie!

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Emerald City Comic-Con 2013

Its that time of year again, ECCC has come upon us again! This year, was pretty excited to add to my “wall of Star Trek cast member” photos…got a 2-fer this year! First things first, we had to costume up the little monster. Put her in a super cute Batgirl outfit, sparkly skirt, costume top, even had a cape! Then Daddy, Evie, Michael, Rien, Joseph, and Chris headed to the convention hall for some good times!

One of Daddys favorites was there, Sir Patrict Stewart! (for those not in the know…he was Captain Pacard from Star Trek The Next Generation, Professor X from the X-Men movies, bunch of voices from American Dad, Family guy and a TON of other stuff). He was a super nice guy, was sweet to Evie (she wasn’t quite as enamored by Froggy, the guy taking the photos…he was trying to get her to smile…she was more just perplexed at his actions).

Also there was Walter Koenig, he played Chekov from the original Star Trek series and was Bester from Babylon 5. He was very quiet, looks awful tired, and had a bandage on his face. He was nice, but I think the throngs of nerds and fans from 3 days of a sold out convention were taking its toll).

We ran into some friends while running around, Jessica and Olivia! We were eating some lunch, playing around down by the fountains. The kids have been fantastic so far, but have been stuck in their respective strollers for too many hours and had a TON of energy to let out. They ran around in circles, yelling, laughing, playing tag with each other. Here they are playing the “where is your nose, where are your eyes…” game with Jessica. It was super cute! Plus, the best part was, both were dressed up in their Batgirl finery!

Here are the girls hugging goodbye…about made me melt.

As we headed upstairs after lunch, we ran into another friend, Leah. She teaches middle school with Mommy and is an avid geek so was awesome to hook up with her there. Evie utterly loves her, and giggled a bunch when she saw her.

We were sitting up and taking a break on the floor in the skybridge. There were tons of folks sitting around and reading comic books, looking at pictures, etc. Evie started looking around, went to the stroller, grabbed out the convention guide and went and sat near some comic guys, opened it up, and started mimicing them. She sat and “read” the book for a good 10 minutes…which for her, is a lifetime.

She was really having a good time there. And I really couldn’t have asked for her to be better…considering how long we stood in lines to meet people (hours…ugh).

We got to meet Dirk Benedict! Dad was super stoked to meet him…he played Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica and was Face from the A-Team. He was a SUPER nice guy, one of the nicer celebrities I’ve met at the cons. He spent more time with each fan than most of the other folks there, was stoked to take pictures with people, gave lots of funny stories and such. He himself isn’t that far removed from the characters he playes. He even gave Evie some almonds and berries from his snack tray. Big thumbs up from our interaction with him!

As always, we went down and visited with the local 501st Legion (www.garrisontitan.com) to donate some monies to them and get our pictures taken with them. This year, Evie was in NO way interested in hanging with Darth Vader or any of the other folks with helmets. However, she thought the remote controlled R2/R4 units were AWESOME. This one had a “button” on the top (it was just a painted dot)…that every time she would touch it, they would make it beep. Made her laugh and giggle like mad.

So after we had our pics taken with the Legion, we were sitting around waiting for some of our party to rejoin us, and this family walked by us. Was a Dad, his two 10-12 year old sons and his daughter in a stroller. Evie got up, ran over to the Dad who was pushing the girl, and pushed him out of the way. She then started pushing the girl in the direction they were going. I went to go get her, but the Dad was like “its ok, she’s pushing her in the right direction!” She pushed her for a good 60 feet, even navigated around obsticles (like fat people) and through a doorway. The little girl thought it was pretty fun.

Ran into Matt and Jenn while there. Haven’t seen them in quite a while, they couldn’t believe how big she has gotten!

She was up and happy for most, but thankfully for Daddy, she also took a nice hour long nap!

When we were done, we headed over to Gameworks to meet up with some other friends. While waiting for dinner, took Evie down to the games…she walked around and got on EVERY SINGLE driving game. Took like 40 minutes, but she was thrilled!

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Easter Bunny

We were out shopping for some stuff for the Otter and this store had an Easter Bunny sitting around taking pictures with folks. We tried several times to convince Evie to head over and sit on his lap, but she was having nothing to do with it. She has decided that she is not overly cool with non-human looking folk. So we just rolled her close and got our photo (turned out cute I think)

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Back Home from PA

Horray!  Evie and Mommy have finally come home from their visit to PA.  Still amazes me to see how much of a toddler/little girl she is…very little baby left in her.

She’s hanging out with Baya on the stairs waiting for us to go to daycare.  Even has her new shoes on!

Big Smile!

We’ve been having issues trying to get good pictures of Evie, because any time we pull out our phones or iPads or even the camera, she wants to look at the pictures on it instead of being photographed by it (thanks for teaching her that, Grandma). I finally had to give her my phone for a bit so she could look while I snapped pics on the camera. She knows how to swipe between photos and play the movies on it…and, if she some how gets off of the photos and back at the main menu, she says “uh-oh” and hands it back to you to fix it.

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Hamper Head

When we were back east this summer, over at Uncle Chris and Aunt Daisy’s house, Evie found this blue mesh clothes hamper that she utterly loved. She put it over her head (it was about a foot square) and ran around running into things and giggling. She liked it so much, we bought her one like it when we got home.

Lexi, Chu and Liam came over for our normal Friday dinner, so we decided to break it out for playtime.  They had a ball, TONS of laughing and running around.

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Happy Valentines Day!

So its come to another Valentines Day…an excuse (like we need one) to put Evie in something cute and themed. We are on our way out to daycare (breakfast in hand…man she loves those things).

And, we want to send out a big Happy Birthday! to adopted Grandma Vicki!

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Happy 2nd Birthday Liam

Its hard to believe its already been 2 years since Liam was born…but here it is, his birthday! Had a rather nice party at one of the brewpubs where Liam’s Opah brews his beer (http://www.elliottbaybrewing.com). Great place, great food, great beer.

Here is Liam blowing out his birthday candle…Evie tried to help herself to his cupcake, but he was watching too close.

After singing, Evie tried to give Liam birthday kisses. He wasn’t really too keen on it (could have been from the chocolate frosting on her face). She tried a good 20 times to get a kiss, and every time he would pull back. Which is weird, because they kiss each other all the time. He must have been embarassed infront of his Omah.

So Mom had this bag of snacks in her purse for emergencies, and Evie kept getting into them to find treats. She had eaten like 4 birthday cupcakes already along with some other stuff, so we were not going to give her any more snacks.  We start talking to some folks, not paying super attention to Evie…then we turn around, and she has the bag out of the purse, has gotten a treat out of the bag, and climbed onto a chair and started eating it. Dad said “Hey, where did you get that from!” She gets this total “deer in headlights” look on her face, and sits real still…”if I don’t move…he can’t see me!”

In the lower area of the brewpub is where they brew the beer that they serve. We got taken down for a tour to see how it was all done and such (was pretty neat). We got to try raw barley (Evie really REALLY liked it…had several handfuls) and smell fresh hops and such. Dad had to miss a good 1/2 of the tour because Evie saw the forklift. She lost her mind, pointing and grunting and running over there. She spent a good 15-20 minutes sitting on that forklift, moving the wheel, pushing buttons. The horn is stupid loud down there btw…my ears were ringing for quite a while.

Liam’s Aunts, Uncles and Grandma bought him a pretty fantastic present for his birthday. He got a replica Audi R8 Spyder (the same car that his Dad has always wanted) that is battery powered. This thing is super cool. At first, Liam wasn’t so sure he wanted anything to do with it. So Evie hopped in and showed him that it was allright. Within seconds, he climbed in and was sitting next to her in the car exploring. Was super cute!

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Evie and Santa

So the Otter has been really sick.  High fevers, chills, coughing, runny nose…all the fun stuff.  As she is getting over being sick, she starts teething some really painful teeth.  It has been rather unpleasant for all involved and she has been super cranky and clingly.  So what is the best way we can think to take care of her?  Take her to Santa!

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a crying baby.


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Her First PB&J

Today, we introduced the Otter to one of the great staples of childhood….the PB&J.  This one was slightly modified as it only had bread on one side, but it had the most important parts there.  I dunno, what do you think…she like it? 

Gotta love Zuri in the background, waiting so patient for something to drop…

Tthe Blackberry Jam was her favorite part, towards the end, as she was getting full, she was just picking off the jam to eat.

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Happy Halloween!

So, its finally arrived…our first real trip out for Halloween! Always loved this holiday…there is costuming, there is candy, there is staying up late…what’s not to love? This year it was Mommy’s turn to pick out the costume, so she chose the scariest thing she could think of…a Steelers Fan/Cheerleader…shudder.

This year, we heard of something a little different. Quite a few groups in our area were doing something called a “Trunk or Treat.” They were roping off areas in parking lots and schools and putting all their cars in a circle or square in the area, with trunks facing in. Each trunk was decorated to a theme and the person handing out the candy was matched to that theme. It was awesome. There was sports themes, Disney Princesses, Angry Birds, Ghostbusters, Cowboys, etc. It was much better than going door to door; its safer and as it was somewhat roped off we could allow Evie alot of freedom to explore on her own. We ended up hitting two.

Here is Dad and Evie showing up at the first one in the local Target parking lot. Dad even tried to blend in with Mommy and Evie by wearing a scary t-shirt. Dad was going to dress up as Hellboy (is why he got his cast done in red…was going to be the Right Hand of Doom and all) but work and life got away from him and he ran out of time :( Next year!

Evie was a little nervous with the first guy…she really had no idea what was going on. But, the kid was super nice, talked calm to her and put some candy in her bucket. Once she looked in her bucket and saw treasures, she looked up at us, got this huge grin in her face, stopped holding our hand and walked on her own to the next trunk and held out her bucket. Unprompted, by herself. It was awesome!

Almost every trunk was done up just amazing. All sorts of themes and costumes and such. And most of them loved Evie and her costume, got tons of comments on how cute she is, and Go Steelers and general positive energy. Most were even giving out 3-4 pieces of candy into each bucket. Except for this one guy. Woody. Woody is a Seahawks fan. Woody did not like Evie’s costume. He said not nice things about the Steelers and gave one lone Tootsie Roll to Evie, while giving the others many. However, two cars down there was a couple who was from Pittsburg originally and they hooked Evie up with a gigantic handfull, so we forgot about Woody.

She was really good about not messing with any of the candy in her bucket…until she got this red-foil wrapped chocolate peanut butter cup. She wouldn’t leave it alone, was obsessed with it. Dad had to distract her with other things and hide it just to get her to move again.

She was so patient, never pushing or getting in anyones way. She would just stand there quietly and hold out her bucket and wait. It was really cute to watch.

They had this one trunk that I have to show you. I just thought it was so cool. It was the Angry Birds themed trunk and they built a working Angry Birds set in it. There was a catapult with small plush birds and blocks setup with pigs and everything. Depending on how much damage you did, they had candy prizes. Brilliant!

So the second one we hit was one of the local High Schools (where a good portion of Mommy’s former students now attend). It was quite a bit darker now (but luckily no longer raining) but was much cooler in general. The high schoolers went all out and were having a blast (it appears that just MAYBE Evie was too…)

Evie had no problem figuring out what to do again. Step 1, walk to trunk, Step 2, Hold Out Bucket, Step 3, Profit.

She especially liked the ones where she could get them out of the bucket herself. She really likes suckers, so if they had any that is what she would go for. If she could see into your bucket and you gave her something that wasn’t a sucker, she would pull her bucket back and point at the one she wanted and go “eh, eh” until you grabbed the right one.

We tried to get decent video, but between the rain, the dark and our ADHD child, it was tough. Did get a little…love the little dance she does to the country music (what they play all day at daycare)

Once home, some eating of the spoils was in order. For Mom/Dad, we found that the best candy for her was Smarties. There are many in a package, small, easy to eat and the best part..they don’t make a chocolate/candy colored mess as she drools while eating them!

Here she is tearing into some Sweet Tarts.

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*** So I realize there has been no updates these past few months.  We got swamped with work, travel and some medical fun and an obscene backlog of pics and videos.  Over the next few weeks, while recovering from surgery, I am going to try to get all caught up.  So periodically look between now and July 24th for “past” new entries!  -Admin

Got the Otter a Halloween outfit…to show her colors, so so speak.  She sure is getting tall!

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Sea Otter Awareness Day!

Every year the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium host a Sea Otter Awareness Day, showcasting their amazing otters and all of the work they do to save and rescue them.  As we have a little Otter of our own, we packed up, grabbed Lexi, Chu and Liam and headed to the zoo.

We had a great time, got to see the otters and their feedings and tricks and such.  However, so did so many other people that we were not able to get any pics of the Otter with the otters on this trip.  But, we’ll be back!

This little seal really was enamored with Evie.  Thats Lisa in the back, she is who does the sea otter counts with Mom (and who got Evie her super awesome Otter tshirt!).  She was working with the little seal, getting her to do behaviors and giving her food and treats.  But she kept coming over to see Evie.  Was super cute.

There was this cool snake statue that Liam found and really liked, he hopped right up in it and smiled.  Still blows me away how much he’s grown.  Such a little boy now…

Evie really dug this little wallaby, she was following him all over, reaching in and touchimg him and giggling.  Was funny to watch, she was there doing it for close to 5 minutes (which for her attention span is a lifetime).

There was a goat feeding area that we visited.  Was fun, amd most of the food went to the goats (once we convinced Evie that they wern’t treats for her).

This, however, was by FAR the Otter’s favorite part of the whole day.  They have these twin slides they call the ‘Otter Slide’…and boy were they.  Evie and Liam went down it a good 25-30 times.  They didn’t want to stop…over, and over…and over…

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Picking Blueberries!

So the Otter loves Blueberries. She loves them more than I have ever seen anyone love anything. When she has them, she forgets everything (and everyone) until she needs more. Its a borderline addiction. Financially, we would go broke trying to keep up with her berry habit if we had to buy them all at the store, so we hit up our local organic blueberry farm to pick our own! It was a beautiful day out, lots of bright, beautiful sun, no wind, not too warm. Just perfect.

We started off the day with her in the stroller, trying to push her down these narrow blueberry bush rows, smacking her in the face with tree branches and giving her small handfuls of berries as we went.  She was mostly content, however we were not feeding her fast enough.

This mode of travel worked somewhat OK but was mostly a pain. So, we let her out.

Only took a few times of showing her where the berries were before she had it down. (It was really funny watching her face when she would pick an under-ripe sour one)

Talk about a happy girl.

We ended up picking 4.5 lbs.  To put that in perspective, it was 1/2 of a plastic safeway bag.  It is a TON of blueberries.  That being said, after having to change her diaper after this trip, I am fairly certain that a) I do not really ever want her eating blueberries again and b) I am not sure _I_ ever want to eat them again…shudder.

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PA Blues Festival

Dad has arrived in PA!  Was a really long flight (not sure how flying from Seattle to Phoenix..where it was 112 at Midnight…is the best way to then go to Chicago to Philly…airline math baffles me)

Landed safe and after a short nap was off to the PA Blues Festival with Grandpa Hank and Aunts Jan and Nancy.  Weather was being pretty weird, was hot, then some rain, then a few lightning/thunder storms blew through, then some more hot and some more rain.  Couldn’t quite make up its mind.  The music, however, was outstanding!

Dad and the Otter hanging out by these huge fans cooling off.  (Dad isn’t quite used to 90+ degree heat and 90+% humidity)

Evie’s new favorite game…swing me!  (lets be fair, at one point it was everyone’s favorite game)

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Aunt Julie got herself a new camera…its drop proof, freeze proof, dust proof…and water proof.  So, whats the best way to try it out?  Hop in the pool…dunk the kids and take their picture.  With Evie, they only got one chance to do it (she doesn’t yet like going under…was lots of sputtering when she got out)…even under the water her eyes are still amazing…even if they are saying “what the hell is this???”

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Congrats Aunt Brenda and Uncle Mike!

So Aunt Brenda (Dad’s sister) got married today to a fine Canadian fellow named Mike.  They got married at an SCA event in Oregon next to a beautiful lake at dark.  It was full of pomp and pagentry and humor, and was very much my sister.  Grandma and Bren made her dress…took them many days, but it turned out so amazing…they should be very proud of it.

The happy couple…

First kiss as Man and Wife

Giving the toast…

Dad, Brenda, Mike, and Mom

So four of us drove down for the wedding.  And as we are not a part of the SCA (http://www.sca.org/) we did not have period clothing.  So, we did our best to blend in and not stick out too much.  I present to you, the Lords and Lady of Burger King….Sir Michael, King Travis, Lady Eve and Earl Rien.

Congrats to the both of you…may you live a long and happy life together…and Mike…Welcome to the Family!

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Cooling Off

Now, its been really hot in PA.  Stupid hot, upper 90s.  And although everyone on the East Coast has air conditioning…it wasn’t enough for my daughter.  She has found a great way, to beat the heat (and possibly find a snack)

Sitting in the fridge…now why didn’t I think of that?

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Pool Time!

Uncle Chris and Aunt Daisy have a pool in their backyard…a very nice pool.  And as temps have been in the upper 90s, its getting a ton of use.

This was Evie’s first time in a pool.  She did not really care to have her head under water (doesn’t really like her ears wet), but she LOVED to sit in the floater and kick her way around the pool.  She also really dug sitting on the steps and splashing.

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