I am SO Proud of Her

Today, my daughter has made me more proud of her than she ever has before.  Real proud…not the “I asked her what she wants to name Ducky and her response was ‘Bacon’” pride I’ve felt for her previously…this was a heartfelt, down to my core proud.

When I took Evie to Comic-con this year, I told her that she could play when we got there.  And she did, she got to run around (we played an hours worth of “Red Light / Green Light” where she would run ahead and stop when I said Red Light…and go again on Green light…saved my shoulders a bunch not having to carry her) and she got to do some stuff with kids…but it wasn’t the “play” she was looking for.  She wanted slides, swings, etc.  So, I told her on the way home that because she was such a good kid at Con, I would swing by the McDonalds by our house and she could play for a little bit.  She is very excited.  Now, she is still dressed as Super Girl, and is still Super Cute.  We walk in, she heads off to play and these two “boys” (I’ll not print the words of what I really think they are) run up to her and start pointing and laughing in her face.  They are maybe 5-8 years old, brothers, whose mother is stuck on her phone doing Facebook in the corner.  They tell Evie she looks stupid, they tell ask her what is she dressed as, Super Stupid.  They tell her she looks dumb, and all sorts of other really mean and hurtful things.  They get some other kids to come down and point and laugh at her too.  She doesn’t really understand what they are saying or why, so comes over to me.  I tell her that they are just being mean, that they are jealous of her cape, and that she just shouldn’t play with them.  I say this pretty loud, the mother barely glances up from her phone then goes back.  She is worthless.  Evie accepts this and goes off to play on the slides and such without too much issue.  The boys (after hearing me back her up) leave her alone mostly but say mean things from up in the jungle gym now and then.

Five to 10 minutes pass, and this little Hispanic girl comes in.  She is wearing a full Hello Kitty outfit, all in pink.  She speaks little to no English (nor does her Mom) but the little “boys” come down to torment her as well.  They start saying things about her being stupid too, whatever.  I’ve had about enough and am getting ready to say something when my super amazing darling little girl walks over to where they have Hello Kitty girl blocked.  She pushes them out of the way (they are a good 2x her size), tells them “You no be nice! You be mean!  We no play with you!”, she then takes the little girl by the hand, takes her over to the slides, and says “you play with me, I nice”

I’ve never been more proud of her in my life.  She totally emasculated those little bullies, in front of their friends.  The boys then got trashed on by some other kids because some little “super girl” totally got one on them.  She completely shut down the bullies without beating them senseless, without any violence or anger.  Just “you are bad, we won’t hang around bad people”.  Her and that little girl played solid for a good half hour.  I was so proud of her I went and got her an ice cream cone.

Evie and the little girl playing…

Evie is quite empathetic…much like her Dad and Grandma.  We feel the people around us greatly and spend much of our energy trying to make them feel better (sometimes to the detriment of ourselves).  Its really evident watching her at dance class or gymnastics.  She spends more than 1/2 the class trying to make whatever kid is cranky that day happy…instead of learning dance or doing her gymnastics.  I would correct her, but who am I to say that she doesn’t get more out of making them feel better than she ever would about learning how to do a handstand or to walk on pointed toes.

You really can learn much from a 2 year old with a huge heart.

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4 Responses to I am SO Proud of Her

  1. Lexi says:

    Evie Bug,

    I am so proud of you! I have course got tears in my eyes reading this. It must have been hard for your Daddy to not fix the situation himself, but he knows what a strong girl you are and that you can handle anything. We are seeing that even now at the age of 2. I am proud of you for standing up for yourself and others. Ducky has a great big sister.

    I love you,
    Aunt Sexi/Sesi

  2. Andrea Dorsch says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. “Weevie” really is a “super girl”!!!

  3. Uncle Rien says:

    I’d say she’s a keeper. She’s past the return date anyway, so its a moot point, but still… amazing. :)

  4. Mary Jo says:

    Oh my God Travis that is so amazing…you are such a good father !!!!

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