Emerald City Comic-Con 2014

Its that time of year again…time for Comic-Con!  Sadly, this year Daddy is really sick so isn’t going all out as he normally does but we are going so bring on the costumes!

Here is Evie dressed as “Super Cute!”  (she actually named herself…Mommy told her she looked cute as Super Girl…her response?…”Daddy, I Super Cute!”…works for me!)

Now, every Super Hero needs an alter ego…hers was unorthodox, but appears to work…I present to you….Ray “Evie” Charles and her seeing eye dog Baya…who Evie called over to sit next to her for the picture….as you can tell, Baya was “thrilled.”

At this years con they had an entire area set aside for the tiniest of Super Heroes (and sidekicks).  They had game areas, special prizes for the kids, adventures, princesses and a “shoot the Stormtrooper with Nerf darts” area (a personal favorite).  We spent a fair amount of our time in here as Dad was too exhausted to haul around a hyperactive 2 year old for very long.  When we arrived, Eves went into her “I’m shy…no, really I am!” mode and wouldn’t hardly interact with anyone.  That lasted a good 20 minutes of Dad coaxing her to play and engage.  Then for some reason known only to her, she became super comfortable and was terrorizing the good folks of the con at warp speed. 

There was a group of Princesses (from Dragon Theater in Portland…great group of folks) and other friends doing face painting, balloon animals, puppets, sing-songs and dances out in one of the larger areas.

Evie was enthralled with them and wanted to hang with them all day.  Luckily, Tinker Bell took a liking to her too and spent a good 30 minutes “playing.”  She made her a Super Princess Balloon Sword (more on this later), got her a vial of Pixie Dust for her very own, danced with her and stood near her while Belle painted her hand.  Evie loved every minute of it, even gave them hugs as we were leaving.

Evie with Tinker Bell and Peter Pan right before we left.

Big thanks to the Dragon Theater folks…really made Evie’s day.

Now…to her Super Princess Balloon Sword…its about 2 feet long.  Its bright pink with a big purple heart on it  (here is most of it in a badly taken selfie of Evie and Daddy during the day, best I could do solo)

I kept Evie on my shoulders for a good portion of the Con…she’s little, there are lots of big people in costumes who can barely see forward let alone down, and there are toys EVERYWHERE…hard to explain to a 2 year old that they aren’t for playing with…they are for collecting…and um, looking at?  (yah, I don’t really understand it either).  Anyway…she’s up on my shoulders…and she has this cool 2′ long balloon sword…and she feels empowered!  So, what does she do with this power?  She bops people on top of their head when they aren’t looking.  And says “Bam!  I got you!  You be good now!”  Many people turned around possibly ready to be angry…then they see a Super 2 year old with a pink balloon sword laughing maniacally telling them to be good.  I swear she caused more fits of laughter than I’ve seen at con in years…which encouraged her to bop more “bad people”…vicious cycle.

Was a pretty great day.  Didn’t get as many pictures as I normally do, due to being sick, but the day was fantastic.  (Daddy did get to meet and have his picture taken with John de Lancie [Q from Star Trek TNG], who was an amazing guy, he even came out to shake hands and talked to the people in line waiting to see him…because the other folks were delayed…and Michael Dorn [Worf from Star Trek TNG and more cartoon voices than you can imagine] who was awesome…and Dwight Schultz [Reginald Barclay from Star Trek TNG and Howlin' Mad Murdock from A Team] who was as down to earth and nice as I expected…and Nichelle Nichols who was a very sweet (and very small) woman.  She was very kind and gracious, I enjoyed her immensely)

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3 Responses to Emerald City Comic-Con 2014

  1. Auntie B says:

    Sooo sad I couldn’t go! Hopefully she bopped some of my friends who were able to visit, would serve them right. ;) Will have to go and poll them now. Super Cute is right.

  2. Boppa says:

    That super suit is the best ever! They could write a comic book with her in it! What a cutie, but of course we aren’t biased at all. Boppa and Ma

  3. Grandma Vicki says:

    Super cute is right!!
    As usual!
    Would be nice to see her in person!! Hint Hint!!

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