At the Library

Had to hang around town a bit…Mommy was getting her back massaged (her belly is so big its killing her back…its brutal) and we were just walking around outside.  After a few blocks, Evie gets all excited because she can see books through the window and wants to look at them (helped that there were a few girls close to her age in there doing the same).  Took her into the library and she had a field day.  She went to get “her books” because she didn’t like the ones already out. As she was searching, she kept playing peek-a-boo through the book piles, would crack herself up.

She pulled down her selection of books (after much debating), sat at the table, and “read” her books for quite some time.

Now bored of the reading game she spies a computer lab built for the under 10 crowd. Running over, she has me put on the headphones, grabs the mouse just like Daddy does and starts to use it. She moved the mouse around, clicked on things…she did keep touching the monitor thinking it was a touch screen when she couldn’t get her mouse to work right, which made me laugh. She was a natural, blew me away at how fast she was grasping what was required to run the paint program.

She has such a derfy face when she does her fake “smile for the camera” look…makes me laugh every time.

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One Response to At the Library

  1. Aunt Jan says:

    what a cute kid! I can’t wait to see everyone in June when we’re out for the wedding.

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