New Ducky Ultrasound

Went in for the next checkup, got a much better view of how Ducky is coming along.

We also got to find out (through genetic testing) that we are having another little girl!  This is good news…won’t be as expensive during early childhood because we still have everything that Evie got…however, have the sad feeling that this is going to get much more expensive when she’s older.  Also, Dad is feeling just a WEE bit outnumbered…lets count, shall we?  Two Female Cats, Two Female Dogs, Two Female Lizards, 15 or so Female Hissing Cockroaches (1 male, we’ve tried bonding, no go), Evie,  Mom, Ducky….and Dad.  Sigh.  Pity him.

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One Response to New Ducky Ultrasound

  1. Auntie B says:

    You have a smart, beautiful, brave, and sweet little girl and are about to have another. No pity for you!

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