Ducky in 3D

We decided to go in and get a 3D ultrasound with Ducky like we did with Eves.  However, Ducky did not play as nice with the camera as the Otter did.  It took us two tries* to get anything decent and even with that, we were not able to get as many pictures as last time (the placenta would get in the way and Ducky kept her hands and feet up next to her face). 

We took Evie with us so she could see “the baby in Mommies tummy”…we didn’t think she would get too much out of it, but was worth a try.  Dad hooked her up with some Bubble Guppies and headphones from his tablet while the parents spoke with the ultrasound technician about what we were seeing.  About half way through, Evie gets interested in what we are doing and what they are doing to Mom so climbs up on the bed to watch.  She snuggles down (after pointing at the gel on Mom’s tummy and saying that the lady put yucky stuff on her), hugs Mom, and oohs and ahhs with the rest of us.   She also spent quite a bit of time talking to the baby, saying hi, telling her to move and behave.  It was really cute and a wonderful afternoon.


The big ball thing on the lower right quadrant is the placenta.  She would hide behind it (and her umbilical cord) often.

Covering her face with her hands and/or feet.  She did this a TON during our session, so much so that we often couldn’t see much but fingers.

Side profile:

* So we actually had to go back for a second appointment because we could see NOTHING the first time.  She was in a position that wouldn’t allow us to see anything on an ultrasound.  On that first trip however, did get to meet somebody pretty cool.  Mike McCready was there with his wife Ashley (who was quite pregnant and looked REALLY uncomfortable, poor girl) getting an ultrasound for their new child.  Evie played with their son out in the courtyard while we checked in.  Didn’t spend much time with them, they were mostly walking out as we were walking in.  But was pretty cool for Dad to get a “Congratulations, man!” from a guy he loves (he’s the lead guitarist for Pearl Jam, Mad Season, Temple of the Dog and Walking Papers…utterly fantastic guitarist).  And, if you are ever needing or wanting a 3D ultrasound… are wonderful people.  The staff are amazing, the facility is intimate and nice and the technology is just cool.  Highly recommend them.

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  1. Auntie B says:

    I’m sad that I can’t meet Ducky when we’d (tentatively) planned. I can’t wait to meet her!

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