Looking for Work: Pancake Chef

So…Daddy got stuck on a work call for about 15 minutes this morning.  He had put on Bubble Guppies on the TV and had gotten Evie a snack to entertain her while he was busy.  He finishes up his call, but notices that it’s quiet (and that the Otter hasn’t been in to bug him in a while)…so he heads off to find his darling little girl.  Walking into the kitchen…he finds…well, let me just tell you what she said:

“Daddy…I make mess!  Fun sand…I make snowman!  I make angel now?”  (at which point she tries swings her arms and legs around like she would make a snow angel. )

She emptied two FULL boxes of pancake mix on the floor…threw it all over…it was on the fridge, on the cabinets, on the counter, in her potty (which she brought out for some reason…I assume to use as a stool to reach stuff), on her high chair…and on the couch there were about 10 of these wonderful white handprints…and all over the living room are these white foot prints, both dogs have white mustaches and a bit of dust on their backs…sigh.  She was having a ball.  I will tell you tho, that cleaning that stuff up is a gigantic PITA that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  You can’t sweep it up (it just stays in the broom and makes a bigger mess) can’t use a vacuum cause it just blows out into the house, you can use a wet cloth but it just makes a smearing mess (REALLY glad she didn’t dump out the dogs water bowl…this time).   We love the fact that she can get her own breakfast/snacks/etc out of the pantry, but it might be time to lock that cabinet up like the rest.  What a great start to the day!  (anyone want to buy a kid?  only slightly dusty, could be a great chef but needs a cleanup person to follow behind her)

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3 Responses to Looking for Work: Pancake Chef

  1. Auntie B says:

    Even the bird is laughing at this!

  2. Aunt Jan says:

    What a riot! So cute( but of of course only because it’s not my kitchen.) Just think, soon you’ll have double the fun!

  3. Andrea Dorsch says:

    My grandma used to let me do this in her kitchen when I was a little older than Evie, so perhaps not quite as messy, but my father would be horrified!!! It is one of my fondest childhood memories. You certainly can’t say anything about your kiddo’s resourcefulness!!!!

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