Happy Halloween 2013!

Its Halloween time, which means time to dress up, go out, and get some candy!  This year, Evie is going as one of her favorite characters…Minnie Mouse.  So Daddy picked her up at daycare, got her dolled up and headed out to a local Trunk or Treat (same one as last year, they were even better this year too).  Here she is doing her best Minnie pose…

And here I am teaching her how to say “Trick or Treat”  (she couldn’t get it…but would just say “Treat, pease”…which was awesome.)  Sorry for two similar pics, but I couldn’t decide which I liked better, so you get both.

Mommy met us there not long after we arrived, and boy was Evie excited to show Mommy her costume…

The trunks this year were pretty great.  They had ones done up like pirates, some done up like sports teams (for some strange reason, there was three trunks done up with an Oregon Ducks theme…which is odd in Seattle), and several done up in Disney themes.  Not long after we arrived, “Mickey” showed up to escort his “Minnie” around.  Liam and Evie were quite excited to see each other, show off their candy buckets and give big hugs…was super cute.

 The kids were super good and really seemed to have a great time.

After we hit the Trunk or Treat, we headed off to the local high school (where most of Mommy’s former students head go) to their sponsored Trunk or Treat.  The buckets we got the kids had flashing handles (highly recommend that btw, the kids think they are fun and you can see them from a mile away) and we got them matching glow necklaces, made them super easy to see in the dark.  First trunk we get to, we run into Evie’s friend Annabelle and her Mom (and Dad and brothers).  Evie got very excited to see her, gave a hug then saw that there was more candy and all else was forgotten.

It surprised me how patient the kids were, there was no pushing, no shoving, no trying to get ahead.  They would wait patiently, in line (there wasn’t really a line, but if there were kids in front of them they would just wait calmly).  Sometimes each kid would go and get a second piece of candy just to give it to the other kid…

One of the trunks was done up (pun intended) in an Up theme.  They had balloons attached to their car, they had a kid dressed up in a boy scout uniform with a golden at his side, they had a cranky old man and they had “Kevin”, the bird.  This kids costume was awesome…the bird part on his head was a good 4 feet tall, and he walked around just like the bird, making weird noises and staying in character the whole time.  Evie thought he (and the dog) was just awesome, didn’t want to go away from them.  It was likely my favorite of any of these trunks, mostly due to the acting and involvement of the HS kids.  This is also one of my new favorite pictures of the Otter…gone is the baby, gone even somewhat is the toddler…this is my little girl.

After getting a great haul of candy we headed off to get some dinner at our favorite Indian place.  The mommies and the kids sure look like they had a great evening…

Mickey giving Minnie a good night kiss :)

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4 Responses to Happy Halloween 2013!

  1. jess says:

    Our little Minnie looks so darn cute in her costume. Its amazing, the friendship at such a young age, of these two kids. Great stuff!

  2. alice herzog says:

    Travis, you are having waaaaay too much fun.

  3. Auntie B says:

    Mike and I agree that this was nauseatingly cute!

  4. Holly says:

    I just can’t get enough of this little cutie pie!

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