The Jones’ Pumpkin Carving Party

One of the teachers at Mom’s school, Liz, invited us to her house for a Pumpkin Carving Party and Dinner.  Was costume encouraged for the kidlets and a good time for all was planned.  As we didn’t want to put Evie in her Halloween costume yet (its part of a set and the other half wasn’t going to be there) Dad had to pull out one of his tricks.  We got her a few outfits for next years Comic-con and they would be perfect for this!

And man…did she ham it up for the camera…   I present to you….BatEvie and her trusty dog BatBaya!

Outside, in her BatFortress…keeping a watchful eye on the neighborhood…

Small story…as Mom was getting Evie dressed, she was singing the Batman theme song to Evie….(“na na na na na na na na BATMAN!”)…so, as we are getting ready to go, Eves is running around the house singing “nananananana” over and over and over…we get into the car to head up to Liz’s…Evie is in the back…”Mommy…sing nanana!!” over…and over.  I swear Terre sang that song atleast 40 times….she sang it so much her voice started to croak, so she pulled out her phone and YouTube’d the theme song…Evie listed to that 4-5x before we finally arrived…every time it would stop…”More!!  Sing!!”  That’s my girl!

The party was pretty great, there was 10-14 kids there and 20 or so adults.  When we arrived they were already starting carving the pumpkins (catching it while it was still light outside).

Evie wasn’t super interested in carving a pumpkin yet, maybe next year.  However, she did find a game she liked quite a bit.  Her and Annabelle (Liz’s daughter, in the best Tinkerbell costume I’ve ever seen…her shoes even lit up when she walked…was so fantastic) played “throw the bag into the pumpkin” for a good 30 minutes.  Now, much of that time was spent putting the bean bags directly into the mouth instead of throwing, but who are we to judge fun.

As it was getting cold out we headed inside for some more activities.  Evie’s favorite was the cookie decoration (surprise!).  She had a blast, putting on her own sprinkles, candy, frosting, etc and just generally making a mess.  She even liked those nasty Candy Corn things (yuck) on her cookie.

They had this big inflatable spider cushion on the floor which Evie thought was fantastic. She had the hardest time getting ON it (often had to ask for help) but once on was riding it like a horse.  Its not quite the BatCycle…but, would work in a pinch…plus, it keeps Mommy away…handy during bedtime.

As we were getting ready to leave and saying our goodbyes…Evie disappears with Annabelle.  We hear laughing and such coming from their room, go in to find that Liz has taken off Annabelle’s costume, but that Annabelle wasn’t done dressing up for the night.  She got out her tutu, her feather boa and some other fun things and dolled herself up good.  Then, Evie brought her a baby bottle because she looked hungry.  It was so much fun, Annabelle looked so cute, and they were having a ball.

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  1. Holly says:

    I really love seeing this little sweetheart and all your adventures! Thank you for these wonderful posts!

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