Climbing Little Monkey

Evie is fearless.  Really, it astounds me as to the things she is willing to try and do.  We often let her try stuff with supervision and spotting to encourage her to keep experiencing new things.  That being said, her new “game” tightens the pucker strings of both parents a bit…even if she is really good at it.  She has learned the fun game of climbing.

There is a playground near our house that has a 7 foot tall climbing wall on it.  She can go up by herself, without any real assistance (she sometimes likes a spotter when she can’t find her next footing).  She doesn’t use the rope, just generally gets in her way.

This video is one of the earlier times she’s tried it…she went up 3 more times after without my saying a word.

At the school near our house, they have a bunch of old school metal playground equipment.  Went there today and she went straight for the climbing bars, and went right up.

Once up there, she went edge to edge, inching herself across.  Then back to the middle and down.  I caught the video after she was already up and over part way…but. (love her saying “up” and “down” while she is climbing off)

There was this real sweet little girl there at the school with us.  She ran over as soon as she saw Evie and asked if she could “show her the playground”.  I said yes, she grabbed Evie’s hand and off they ran.  They did slides, they did this rotating thing, and they did the tire swing (a personal favorite of Evie’s).  She likes to be spun in a circle as fast as you will do it (and she will keep saying “faster, faster!” if you aren’t doing it right).  When she gets off, she’s so dizzy she usually falls over, giggling.

As we were leaving the school, the sun was setting…was really pretty, even Evie commented on it  (Daddy…whoa).  This time of year is one of my favorites…its not too hot, its not yet raining every single day and there is still some daylight left.  There are not many days like this, but I sure do appreciate them when they happen.

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  1. Auntie B says:

    What a brave girl! :D

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