Brittney and Rachel’s Wedding

So my cousin Brittney (in black) and her partner Rachel (salmon/white) have officially tied the knot!  The families flew down from Alaska and my Mom drove up, was a very wonderful ceremony.  The judge presiding was warm, caring and quite fantastic…she made it very special for them.  It was kinda fun too, we all got to sit in the jury box (had much more comfortable chairs than the benches).  We are very happy for them both, and wish the happy couple all the best luck in the world, congrats!!

We did bring Evie along…and she looked real cute (was her first meeting with my Uncle Jason, Aunt Shelly, Cousin Nicky and Cousin Brittney).  She was “pretty” good…as good as a 2 year old gets (was great until about the middle of the vows…when she decided that singing was the right choice of action…sigh, sorry Brit).  And it’s a good thing she’s cute, cause Daddy could have sold her several times on the way out (including to the judge…who asked the cost when I threatened).

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